Nancy MacArthur Smith's Voice Studio


Tuition is $75 for 45-minute weekly lessons and $90 for 60-minute lessons. Payment is due at the beginning of each month for lessons scheduled during that month.  Invoices will be emailed and may be paid three ways: by check, online (by clicking on a link within the invoice), or with cash.

There is an annual $200 nonrefundable studio administration fee. This helps cover the costs of maintaining the website calendar, invoicing, answering email, scheduling rehearsals, hiring accompanists, etc.  Additional fees for studio classes, recitals, and competitions will be invoiced as they arise.


I require 24 hours' notice for canceled lessons. Students who cancel with a minimum of 24 hours' notice will receive a make-up lesson credit that expires 30 days from the date of the lesson. Please use the website calendar to cancel and reschedule lessons. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours' notice will not be refunded or rescheduled. Make-up credits cannot be applied to a student's regular lesson time. 

A student who decides to leave the studio will not receive a refund for any remaining lessons scheduled that month.


Studio classes provide opportunities for students to practice performing by memorizing songs to sing for each other.  A professional accompanist is hired to play for students at my studio.  Dates are posted on the web site calendar. I do not have enough room in my home to include friends and family at the studio classes, but they are most welcome at the formal recital in June.  All students are invited to perform at the recital, which is held at a local church. The studio class fee is $20.  The recital fee is determined by adding up the costs (accompanist, venue rental) and dividing by the number of students participating.


Studying voice is no different from studying any other instrument, except that the instrument is part of your body. You should practice at least 30 minutes a day. You can use the website practice log to record the length and number of days you practice. In addition to working on vocal technique, practicing can include speaking your texts out loud, looking up performances of your songs online, sightsinging, memorizing, and using music theory apps. Pay attention to vocal health: drink plenty of water, get eight hours of sleep a night, avoid excessive caffeine, and refrain from yelling and whispering. Always warm up your voice before you sing and warm down after a rehearsal or performance.

I occasionally post photos of recitals, competitions, and studio classes on social media.  Agreeing to this policy statement means you allow the use of student photos. If you do not agree, please let me know in writing. 


These are optional, but for those who like to compete, I enter students in competitions sponsored by the following organizations: National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS); Northern Virginia Music Teachers' Association (NVMTA); Virginia Lions' Clubs; Classical Singer Magazine; National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC); and Hal Leonard Publishers.  Registration and accompanist fees vary.  Dates for competitions will be posted on the web site calendar as they become available. More information will be provided as deadlines approach.


When parking your car, please take care not to block my neighbors' driveways or to leave your headlights on while you are waiting for a student.  


Please note that parents and children have separate logins. Parents have their own user name and password and can access both the calendar and account information. Children do not have access to account information, but they can cancel and reschedule their own lessons on the calendar. If you have any questions about how to use the calendar, please don't hesitate to ask. 

2020 Hal Leonard Competition

Justin Pokrant, Semi-Finalist, Teen Art Song

2020 College Acceptances

Madeleine LeBeau, Princeton University.  Madeleine will be studying Vocal Performance and History.

Maya Kischler, Oklahoma City University. Maya will be majoring in Dance.


Joe Malone, Best Actor in a Musical

Carolyn Best, nominated for Best Comic Actress in a Musical

The cast of Catch Me If You Can, nominated for Best Musical

National Student Auditions

Congratulations to Hana Tawil for being selected for the 2019 NATS National Student Awards Finals, and to Parker Waters for placing 1st in Classical and 2nd in Music Theater at the 2018 NSA. Parker and Hana had to compete at the State and Regional levels, plus submit a video, in order to make it all the way to Nationals.  

2019 NFMC & Bland

Congratulations to Madeleine LeBeau for placing second in a nationwide vocal competition sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs, and placing first in Bland for the state of Virginia.

2019 VANATS Results

Max Branciforte: 2nd place in Upper High School Musical Theater

Josh Lemons: 2nd place in Lower High School Classical, Honors in Musical Theater

Madeleine LeBeau: 1st place in Upper High School Musical Theater, 2nd place in Upper High School Classical

Carolyn Best: 3rd place in Upper High School Musical Theater

Hana Tawil: 3rd place in College Junior Women Musical Theater

Rachel Bloom: Honors in Upper High School Classical

Noelle Buice: Honors in both Upper High School Classical and Musical Theater

Julia Ferri: Honors in both Upper High School Classical and Musical Theater

Danielle Huser: Honors in Upper High School Musical Theater

Eleanor Jacobson: Honors in both Upper High School Classical and Musical Theater

Joe Malone: Honors in Upper High School Musical Theater

Grace Shields: Honors in Upper High School Musical Theater

Annie Wood: Honors in Upper High School Musical Theater

All-State Choir

Congratulations to Noelle Buice, Julia Ferri and Madeleine LeBeau, who will be singing in the Virginia All State Choir in April. Congratulations to Adellaie Jung, who is a 3rd alternate for All State.

Helen Hayes Nomination

Congratulations to Abby Middleton, who was nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical!  Abby just finished playing The Little Mermaid at Toby's Dinner Theater.


"Mrs. Smith provides an extremely supportive learning environment in her studio, which was absolutely crucial to my development as a performer. She always encouraged me to work hard to reach my goals and never give up on my dreams. Without Mrs. Smith’s constant wisdom and compassionate teaching, I would never have gained the confidence, opportunities, and success that I have today.”

- Amanda Mason